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Trouble in Wig Installation? Enjoy this Free Service!


In order to allow our customers to better enjoy the beauty experience and create their own style, we began to cooperate with local salons in South Africa to provide customers with wig installation services to solve the problem of difficult to install restyling. At present, there are cooperative salons in Cape Town, Midland and Durban. You are welcome to provide us with salons you trust, and we are responsible for promoting cooperation.

To enjoy the free installation service, you need to know the following process and precautions.



  1. Order from Uwinshair and get an order number.
  2. Sendus your order number and locationvia Instagram/Facebook/Email.
  3. Acquire an appointment code andthe salon contact for free installation around you.
  4. Contact salon for bookingfirst.
  5. Go and enjoy Free Installation service.



  1. Since the salon has its own arrangements, whenyou have confirmed the time with the salon, please arrive andinstall it on time to avoid missing out.
  2. In order to confirm the installed product, please bring the product box of uwinshairto the salon as a certificate to enjoy the installation.
  3. According to our after-sale policy , each order number can only be installed once.
  4. Theinstallation process will berecorded, show your confidence and beauty!


If you are interested in our service, why not visit our website now!

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