Uwinshair App Launch!


How to download?

Step 1. Search uwinshair in the App store or Google play.

Step 2. Click the button to download the app and then open.


After completing the above two steps, you can start using the app!


When you first open the app, a prompt will pop up as to whether we are allowed to send system messages. If you don’t want to miss any activity messages from uwinshair, please click Allow!


Do you know what these two small functions are on the page?


Function Bar: Click the corresponding icon directly to reach the corresponding location.



How to order product through the App?

1. Choose the length and click add to cart.

2. If you want to continue shopping, switch to Sales and continue to add something to the cart.

3. Otherwise, check in your cart.


If you encounter some problems during settlement, please no worry, it's easy to solve!


4. If you not sure the district, you can google your address and get the answer.



 5. Make sure the information you filled and continue.


6. Make sure to fill in the card number instead of the account number.

Expiration Date: Validity period of the card

Sesure Code: The three numbers on the back of the card, some cards may be four.



7. Click Pay Now and we will receive your order and arrange it for you.


After completing the above steps, you can take your favorite products home!

The advent of Uwinshair App is to be more convenient and direct, to enhance the safety of shopping, so that customers can receive good products and guarantee services, which is what our customers want!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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