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Payment Issue

1、Transaction do not honor
It may be the first time you order abroad online or on an abroad website that your bank reject your payment to secure fund in your card.
You can call your bank to show them you are the owner of the card and get through the payment. Or sometimes they will call you to confirm if it is yourself using the card.

2、Payment is declined
When it comes to payment is declined, it means that your bank reject your payment application that some messages of your card is wrong.
You can call your bank to show them you are the owner of the card and get through the payment

3、Keep rejected by the bank?
Kindly active the online payment of your card cc, most of the card will work. Unless it is a student account

4、Micro price difference in Rands
Firstly,it may becuase the exchange rate of dollars and rands between our website and your bank are different.
The transaction going on like this.
The website charged your bank with amount of order in dollars and your bank took out money in rands based on your bank's exchange rate with dollars
The price in the website is according to our exchange rate rather than your bank sis
Secondly, if your bank charge for exchanging the currency for when you pay abroad.

5、Pay by Paypal,can't find your order number immediately?
Sometimes Paypal will pending the money for some time after deducting money from your account.During this period, Uwins Hair could not receive money as well.You can check it tomorrow if the payment goes through and the order is placed or not.